This hardbound book focuses on Steve's groundbreaking artwork built from rhythm. Inside the book, readers get extensive notes from Smith on the creation and meaning of the individual works of art. Also featured is an up-to-date overview of Smith's rhythmic career with never before seen photos from Steve's personal archive.

To bring sound to the visuals inside the book, a 180 gram full length record is included. This new Steve Smith release is intended to accompany readers on the journey of reviewing the artwork in the book. Each art piece has its own piece of music. And Steve has included detailed insights into the construction and performance of each solo inside the book.

Each book in this edition of 250 is signed and numbered by Steve Smith and all book/vinyl sets ship with Certificate of Authenticity from SceneFour.
LOMBARDO: First Edition Book and Vinyl Picture Disc

Unlike anything before, Dave Lombardo has unveiled an extraordinary visual and audio experience with the release of LOMBARDO. Inside the book, readers get a comprehensive look at Dave Lombardo's artwork built from rhythm. Simultaneously on vinyl, readers hear Lombardo's drum interpretations for each art piece within the book.

Only 300 sets are available in the First Edition release. Each book is individually signed by Dave Lombardo. All in the first edition are numbered and feature Authenticity stamp and COA.


Own the Second Edition of Carl Palmer's art book for the special price of $125.00 (Collector/Interest List price). Only 250 books are available in the Second Edition, each is numbered and individually signed by Carl Palmer. Also featured in this edition:

-A vinyl picture disc 7" featuring an audio narration of Carl Palmer discussing each piece in the book

-The image featured on the picture disc is a new original work created in memory of Emerson titled "Welcome Back My Friends"

-A new small print featuring Palmer's statement on Emerson's passing that can be removed from the book
SEXTON: Assimilation of Light and Rhythm (First Edition)

Own the First Edition/Registry Edition of Chad Sexton's first art book for the special price of $125.00 (Collector/Interest List price). Only 400 books are available in the First Edition, each is numbered and individually signed by Chad Sexton. Also featured in this edition is a new art piece Assimilation that can be removed from within the book.
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